The Healthy, Happy Eater E-Course Bundle

Turn around your child's eating habits, reduce cravings, and help your child enjoy a variety of foods. 

Preorder Pricing Ends at at midnight September 1st PT!

Are you finding it challenging to help your child eat healthy? 

Does your child: 

  •  Have picky eating habits?
  •  Refuse veggies?
  •  Crave sugar?
  •  Limits their diet to wheat and/or dairy?
  •  Have chronic health or behavioral issues?

Then the Healthy, Happy Eater Webinar Bundle is for you!

Preorder Pricing Ends at at midnight September 1st PT!

The live Healthy, Happy Eaters E-Course will be available on Wednesday, September 8th and it will cover:


How to Help Picky Eaters

Learn how to help your picky eater explore foods, set meal time boundaries, and heal their gut to improve appetite.

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Reduce Cravings

Cravings for wheat, dairy, and sugar can cause kids to exclude other foods from their diet. Learn how to shift cravings and help kids become more open to different foods.


Mealtime Do's & Don'ts

Mealtime shouldn't be a battle. Learn how to let go, avoid control issues and make sure you child gets enough to eat.

Here's What's Included in the Healthy, Happy Eaters E-Course Bundle:

 The Healthy, Happy Eater E-Course (Available September 8th)

Plus Instant Access to these 3 Bonus Webinar Recordings:

  •  Food Sensitivities 101 Webinar
  •  3 Simple Dietary Changes for Biggest Impact Webinar
  •  Parenting the 5-Element Way Webinar - adjust how you parent your child around food

Don’t wait! Summer is the perfect time to help your child become a healthy, happy eater!

Preorder Pricing Ends at at midnight Pacific on September 1st!

About Robin Ray Green

Acupuncturist, author, and speaker Robin Ray Green draws upon her clinical experience working with kids to help any kid learn to love food. 

In addition, her personal experience with her son, a reformed picky eater that now eats thai curry, asparagus, and broccoli has taught her a thing or two about how to work with off the charts picky eaters!

Robin is publised Hay House author and her book Heal Your Child from the Inside Out: the 5-Element Way to Nurturing Healthy, Happy Kids also focuses on nutrition for deeper healing of chronic health and behavioral issues.